Pinnacle Rewards Program

The Pinnacle Rewards program recognizes and rewards employees for exceptional efforts, dedication, and professionalism. We realize that our success is a direct result of the contributions of our professional drivers and support staff. It is only through the hard work of every member of the Big Freight Team that we can meet the fluctuating needs of our clients.  This program encourages everyone to strive and reach the pinnacle of success!

For additional details and recognition information please visit our Awards & Recognition page.

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 Points are awarded to members of the Big Freight Team in the following 4 programs:

Years of Service

BFS Pinnacle Points Program
Years of Service PointsAllocation# of Points
1 to 4 annual 250
5 year  annual 2,500
6 to 9 annual 500
10 year annual 5,000
11 to 14 annual 750
15 year annual 15,000
16 to 19 annual 1,000
20 year annual 20,000
21 to 24 annual 1,250
25 year annual 25,000
26 to 29 annual 1,500
30 year annual 30,000
31 to 34 annual 1,750
35 year annual 35,000
36 to 39 annual 2,000
40 year annual 40,000

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement Pointsallocated at the time of completion# of points
White Belt Graduate graduate 250
Yellow Belt Graduate per module 100
Green Belt Graduate per module 150
Black Belt Graduate per module 200
White Recertification annual 125
Yellow Recertification annual 250
Green Recertification annual 400
Black Recertification annual 500

Driver Points

Driver Points # of points
DOT Inspection  per clear inspection 100
Pinnacle Safety Award per month 500
Driver of the Month per month 1,000
Emerald Award annual 5,000
Emerald Elite Award annual 5,000
Million Miler per million miles 5,000

Team Points

BFS Team Points # of points
Big Freight Committee Member annual 250
External Course Training per course 50pts/per hr.
First Aid/CPR  Responder annual 250
Thank You Points  per event  250