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Continuous Improvement

Big Freight knows that our employees and drivers are our most valuable and important resource.  We know that our success is directly determined by the motivation of our professionally trained team.

Our commitment to providing each member with the opportunity to excel and reach their highest potential is structured around a work environment that reflects dignity, encouragement and respect.

In order to maintain our high levels of job satisfaction, the Big Freight Team has implemented a Continuous Improvement program where everyone is encouraged to participate, communicate and be recognized for their achievements.

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Continuous Improvement

In 2013, Big Freight Systems began its Continuous Improvement (CI) journey. While on this path, members of the Big Freight Team learn to apply "Lean" techniques to change and improve the way each of the four specialties, Freight Management; Asset Support/Logistics; Warehousing; and Fleet Maintenance function at Big Freight.

The basics of a Continuous Improvement program (Lean Culture) are:

  • Identify waste within the organization (9 wastes)
  • Organize and manage your workplace (6S- Sort, Shine, Systemize, Standardize, Sustain, & Safety)
  • Visual Management (A place and space for everything)

Big Freight is proud to recognize the Belt Graduates for their dedication and commitment to the Continuous Improvement program and for being great examples of leadership for their fellow Team Members. 


Black Belt Graduates (Duha)

  • Cindy Vopni
  • Paul Arnaud

Green Belt Graduates

  • Cindy Vopni
  • Paul Arnaud

Yellow Belt Graduates

  • Cindy Vopni
  • Paul Arnaud

White Belt Graduates

  • 79 Team members have achieved their White Belts to date.